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Michael McCarthy makes a couple of enlightening points in his media watch column in USA TODAY:

1. NBC, after botching quality television all day on Saturday, let the afterglow of a stunning game linger for all of four minutes on Saturday before switching to their abominable coverage of NASCAR. No one keeps THE MR. Benny Parsons waiting--no one!

2. Neither announcer bothered to ask the question "Was Reggie Bush's shove legal?" Bush admittedly shoved Leinart "as hard as he could;" no one's bothered to ask if the rule book allows that. But never mind us, we're not the exorbitantly paid "Voices of America's Team." Cue thousands of Notre Dame fans climbing into the alternate reality machine...

Stranko's Edits***... Did USC win by cheating? You bet they did. Check out page 117 of the rules. That game winning touchdown should have been a game ending 5 yard penalty. Had they rules been followed, USC loses. Had USC lost, clearly they are no longer number 1. I am curious to see what blog pollers do with the fact that USC won only because of a blown call.

Bush seen here "cheating" to earn USC another victory.