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Brad Butler, the words that come to mind when we watch you take the worst cheap shot we've seen this season are as follows:

You are a shitbag. A fucktard, asswipe shitbag who drinks his own piss like a lobotomized chimp. A brokedick, ass-licking, meat-weaselly bitch of a cuntrag whose douchebag soul would collect exactly three cents in hell's pawn shop. A goddamn mincing slapfuck of a chicken rapist whose finest efforts with your needle-nosed pliers of a cock would make even the most petite of Rhode Island Reds cackle with contempt. A ball-sniffing, piss-shitter of a shitpiss who defamed his school and his craven, bastard ass in front of a television audience of millions who, though they would rather have been watching the OU/Texas game, got to see a pustulent ass chancre of a boy deliberately attempt to maim a player after the whistle had blown. Exiting the field to a cascade of explosive diarrhea shot from the asses of the BC faithful would have been too kind an exit for a reprobate shitstink motherfucker like you; more fitting would be crippling mutual injuries exchanged with kindred asshole spirit Darnell Dockett in the pros a few years later...preferably a day or two before you sign that big contract extension and commensurate insurance policy.

In conclusion: fuck you, asshole. May you be suspended for a thousand years.

Brad Butler, consider yourself Fatwa'd! And greetings to the good people of the NSA and Homeland Security from EDSBS!

More reasonable, forgiving takes than the preceding fatwa can be found from the BC angle at ATL Eagle and from the UVA side at Sexy Results. Both are justifiably horrified.