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We were going to write a bit about watching Georgia clobber Tennessee at home on Saturday. Really, it bears mentioning, and not just because we were on an SEC rich diet this weekend--at the end of that game Georgia ran the formidable Tennessee line, including Hawaiian state treasure Jesse Mahelona, into the whiskey-soaked turf of Neyland Stadium. They could have stopped the game and played Boggle for the last five minutes of the game and Tennessee wouldn't have said anything about it, short of peering over their shoulders and offering unsolicited advice to the players. ("Ooh, look, don't you see horse? RIGHT THERE! IN THE CORNER! COME ON!"

Gunslingers, though, beat us to it with a shootup of Mandel's review that begins with the immortal line...

Stewart Mandel can eat a dick.

...and really just gets better from there, including the introduction of a punditry regulation we'd like to see passed into law: the Gunslingers' Maxim, which prevents pundits who pick against a team insisting that they were "unimpressed" with the victory in the subsequent review. Anyone watching that game saw the allegedly finesse-ey Mark Richt end the game with a merciless power running sequence that killed any will the Vols had left. Yes, very unimpressive.

Stewart Mandel: unimpressed with hot girl he failed to sleep with.