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Mack, it is time to get that monkey off your back. You coach the #2 team in the country and they are rolling. You've won a tough game on the road against a top 10 opponent. Your quarterback is having a Heisman-level start to the season. Your defense is bringing it. You are looking at a possible show down with USC in the Rose Bowl (although Virginia Tech certainly has something to say about that). It is your time.

If Texas can't ride this guy to victory over Oklahoma, maybe they should give up trying.

The Genius statue in Bobby Stoop's office is a bit tarnished these days coming off of a dismantling by USC in the BCS Championship game last year followed by his worst season since his first at Oklahoma. They lost to TCU and UCLA and struggled against Tulsa for heaven's sakes. They have quarterback problems, are waiting for a wide receiver to step up and Peterson is hobbled. They are ripe for the picking.

Mack, I guess what I'm saying is that this is your time to break out of the "great recruiter, bad game day coach" funk you've spent your career in. Clearly you've shown that you can build a program into the top tier of colleges as you've done in North Carolina and now Texas. But at Texas, they want a championship. To do that, you need to get past your nemesis and there has never been a better time. So let's up the stakes. I say that if you can't pull it off this year, turn in your resignation and go start the building process somewhere new. No pressure.

Mack Brown, seen here, trying to figure out how to beat Oklahoma.