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We're better than the Harris Poll... but that's not saying much. On to the Blog Poll... after a brief dancing interlude by Jean-Claude

We here at EDSBS can't get enough of that faux hip sway followed by the clap.

1. USC. It took them a half to wake up, but once they did they showed that Oregon didn't even belong on the field with them. Probably the most talented team since the Canes.... who lost to Ohio State in the Championship Game. All that means is that the repeat championship isn't a guarantee, as long as USC gets hit with a pass interference call in the endzone.

2. Virginia Tech. Every week they find a way to impress us. Their defense is great and goes for the jugular all game. Of course, with Jenkins on the sideline, the special teams will be the nation's best. And Ron New Mexico is showing flashes of his genetic greatness. Right now we think they would be the best match-up against USC. Hence they have earned #2 status.

3. Texas. Tons of talent and a big road win under their belts. Despite that, I am still not convinced the won't lose to Oklahoma... but that is just because Mack Brown is their coach.

4. Florida: For a half, it was a football team that was dominate on both sides of the ball. The second string needs work, but we can't hold that against them.

5. Georgia. Solid but unspectacular against Mississippi State.

6. Michigan State. Icy Hot Stuntaz right now. After a win at Michigan we'll take the internet hoax tag off of them and let them plant their flag anywhere they like.

7. Florida State. Gonna get beat--just waiting for that offense to drag them under when the defense doesn't come to play one weekend.

8. Ohio State. Boring, brutal, standard-issue Tressel stuff. Works.

9. Cal. Tedford's clone army: efficient qb and the most underrated run game in the nation.

10. Miami. Another team we're clueless on but suspect is really good. Devin Hester has taken the semester off to focus on his rap career and being slower.

11. Tennessee. Won on the road in Death Valley after Eric Ainge committed football hari-kiri and effectively ended his career at UT. Credit where credit is due. Phil was so happy he ate Ainge shortly after exiting the stadium.

12. Notre Dame. We sort of called this one last week... without going completely out on a limb. Now we can see how they handle adversity.

13. UCLA. The offense is rolling. They might well be favored in every game this year until their annual beat down by USC... but I don't see them being undefeated at that point anyway.

14. Wisconsin. They are trying to send Alvarez out on a high note.

15. LSU: Basically they are ranked this high because of the heart they showed in their only game of the year and no one else is good enough to make them look undeserving.

16. Arizona State: They lost at home to LSU so I couldn't bring myself to have LSU fall behind them yet. This week is make or break time for the Sun Devils. A win puts them firmly in the top 10.

17. Alabama: Shula is their coach... you'll have to prove you can be good before we'll believe it.

18. Boston College. Still solid, but slow.

19. Texas Tech. We are ready to send them rocketing up the charts once they play a bone fide college team.

20. Minnesota: Nice come from behind win over a solid Purdue team.

21. Purdue: Tough loss on the road. Let's see how they rebound.

22. Georgia Tech. Got their asses handed to them last week. They've been on the steady decline since their opening win against Auburn.

23. Louisville: The worst loss of the season by anyone. That was their mulligan. If they so much as struggle in their next game we're dropping them lower.

24. Vandy. Because we can still justify it.

25. Iowa State. Their win over Iowa is looking less impressive now, but they still deserve some props.

Under consideration:

UTEP, West Virginia, Virginia, Penn State, Utah, Wyoming, Auburn and Idaho