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RD's got the lowdown on Texas Tech's scoring a c-note against Indiana State this weekend, and it comes down to this: it ain't gonna happen. Shlumpy Mike Leach will have to cope with scoring in the mere 70s by padding back to his office in his bathrobe and watching more reruns of Hart to Hart while enjoying a bucket of KFC extra crispy and a cold Sparks. (Ian, you know he drinks it. He's just the type.)

Herbstreit, by the way, spoke the Gospel last night in the broadcast of the Air Force/Utah game:

The Big 12 should be ashamed with their out-of-conference scheduling. It'

Testify! Most of the writers in the slummer's block called the college football blogosphere spent most of the offseason slinging feces over whether the SEC or the Pac-10 had the weaker out-of-conference scheduling. Looks like the shit hit the wrong fan, especially regarding the toddler-versus-Kodiak bear matches set up in Lubbock. Is Bill Snyder scheduling everyone's games now in the Big 12?

The Big 12 has a cupcake problem of unusual severity.