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More games down, more answers. On to the rankings!

The offensive line is leading the way to an avalanche of points thanks to Pat Ruel

1. USC. There hasn't yet been a team that looks complete enough to challenge the Trojans (who admittedly are still coasting on reputation as beating Hawaii isn't saying much). They look to get fat on the Hogs this week. Heck, if Vandy can beat them, you'd have to think USC can hang 70 on them. That is what we said last week. Boy were we right. (except Orson's "Beware the Houston Nutt factor" reference of course.

2. Texas. Still Rolling, but watch out for Virginia Tech. In our poll, you have to earn it every week.

3. Virginia Tech. They beat a team that beat Pitt.. which means absolutely nothing... except that they keep looking better. We can't wait to see them play Miami.

4. Florida: They look like a clone of Virginia Tech. Ugly ball control offense, dominent special teams and defense. Weird but effective. Be careful though Urban. The Gator fans are like Brazilian soccer fans. They'll take an ugly win here and there, but they'll start booing if the Gators don't start playing with some pizzaz.

5. LSU: Basically they are ranked this high because of the heart they showed in their only game of the year and no one else is good enough to make them look undeserving.

6. Louisville: That was the offense we were expecting. Brohm might be the best quarterback in college football.

7. Georgia. They played their requisite patsie this week. Let's see what they do against the big boys of the conference now.

8. Florida State. Color us skeptical because they have serious quarterback issues, but that defense is great and they have two nice scalps already so they've earned a big jump.

9. Michigan State. Quite a debut on our poll. The offense has looked like a Juggernaut from a Hindu parade. The defense... not so much. How long can they hold this position? Who knows. Are they actually that good, or is it just that they have Notre Dame's number.

10. Ohio State. Feels about right.

11. Miami. Nice win away at Clemson.

12. Georgia Tech. Struggled early against UConn... we can't figure this team out.

13. Tennessee. The team is better than the coaching right now. Why didn't they make the Gators prove they could stop the stetch plays before resorting to a pass happy offense in a close game. They might have been the victors if they let Riggs lead the charge instead of Ainge.

14. Cal. In the first half, Cal got Zooked. In the second half, Illinois got Zooked.

15. Notre Dame. We sort of called this one last week... without going completely out on a limb. Now we can see how they handle adversity.

16. Michigan. So they beat Eastern Michigan, big deal.

17. Arizona State: See above, insert Northwestern.

18. UCLA. Man, what a coaching job... right Bruin's Nation. Lots of talent and they are finally starting to make noise in the Pac 10... but beating Oklahoma didn't give them the cred they thought it would preseason.

19. Wisconsin. No longer rolling on offense, but still in the W category.

20. Purdue: We are still unsure about this team. Sure, they're schedule is favorable, but they didn't look dominating against a rebuilding Arizona squad.

21. Clemson. Two close wins, one close loss. At least we know they compete.

22. Oregon. How will they look against USC? At least it is at home.

23. Boston College. They are solid, but slow. In this day and age in college football, that puts you in the bottom half of the rankings.

24. Texas Tech. Still hasn't played anyone. All we need is one good victory to catapult this team up the charts.

25. Vandy. Because we can finally justify it.

Knocking on the door:

26. UTEP. The revenge of Mike Price continues.

27. Iowa State. Can they build momentum off their Iowa victory?

28. Iowa. Ferentz is their coach. They will be in the top 15 or 10 by seasons end.

29. Alabama: Shula is their coach... you'll have to prove you can be good before we'll believe it.