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Just for the record, forty minutes before gametime: the Costanza files, the internet's finest collection of anti-picks:

1. Oregon State@Louisville: Cardinals by 14? Against an Oregon State team that's never really out of the game and has played two close ones already? After Louisville struggled against Kentucky? Gotta live that one down before we give you two tds. Oregon State to cover.

2. Ole Miss @Vandy Three points? Take 'em and bet on the juggernaut that is the Commodores football team! Vandy to cover and win by 7.

3. Alabama @ South Carolina. Spurrier's first scalp: take the Cocks for a straight-up win over Coach Brick Tamland.

4. Illinois @ Cal Cal by 21 points? Absurd--this is Zook, who will keep it close and blow it. Illinois to cover.

5. FSU@BC Take BC for the straight up win in FSU's definitive "gotterdammerung" game.

LEAN: We're skeptics. We'll believe in the Urban Myth when we see it. 'Till then, we'll assume the worst and hope for the best. Tennessee over UF in a close one.

Bet the opposite of what we think, and you'll be feeling sexy the whole weekend through.