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Pat Forde took a shot at the college football system that can rank Oklahoma over the team that it lost to... at home.

Reason 623 why the system stinks
The Dash is trying to figure out how TCU (25) could beat Oklahoma in Norman, how the Sooners could lead for exactly zero minutes and zero seconds, how the Sooners could be outgained by 59 yards and outdone in possession time by nearly 10 minutes … and still be ranked ahead of the Horned Frogs in both polls.

Does Bob Stoops (26) have pictures of the voters or something?

But at least the Frogs are in the AP poll (at No. 22, compared to the Sooners' 18). In the latest example of why the coaches' poll is the more fraudulent, TCU is in ARV territory (No. 27) while Oklahoma is No. 15. Yo, coaches: you don't need written permission from Myles Brand to drop a team -- even a big-name team -- off your ballot. Loosen up and vote 'em where they belong on a week-by-week basis.

Well, Pat, you will find no such abomination on our blog poll ballot this week (even if we went a little "flap jack nuts")