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Despite a barrage of Chinese spam, our website chugs on. Apologies to everyone who tried to access our liveblogging of the Florida game--we tried, but the entrepreneurial spirit of the Dragon Republic to sell us herbal viagra overwhelmed our efforts. We're on our fifth vodka tonic of the day, so we'll keep things manageable for a brief summary:

1. Florida looked competent. That, in itself, is a vast improvement over the past three years. Verdict: success.

2. Omar Jacobs looked magnificent. That and a shit defense will get you a loss.

3. The Catholic God slayed the Mormon God, 20-3. Take your gold tablets and shove 'em, Latter-Day Saints.

4. ThE CoNSienCE of A NatIon RulZ!!!!!!!!!!!! N SAngria 2.

5. The Conscience of A Nation has had a few too many glasses of sangria, as evidenced by point 4.

6. Oklahoma is in for a long, long week.

7. But not as long as Heismanpundit's gonna be.

Sophisticated, my ass. Boise State's sophisticated attack got rocked by UGA's "cromagnon" defense.