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How do sportswriters fill this vacuum between their previews and actual games? With tasty puff, of course, as Pitt Sports Blather shows just one flavor of the preseason confection in his post here. Struggling Joe--whose offer of a kiss still stands--wonders out loud if the MSM isn't so bad at preseason polling. (Hush!) And we feel a little bit better about our preseason pumping of Virginia Tech (come on, as long as Marcus Vick is at qb we're going to double-entendre the shit out of the Hokies) as Tony Barnhart places them at #2 in the preseason poll on his blog. Actually, it would be a stretch to call it a blog, since it's really just a daily column, but the AJC doesn't seem to know the difference yet, which makes us wonder if they all go home, flick on their Apple IIEs, and sit down to a green screen full of Oregon Trail goodness each night with a nice, cold can of Fresca.

A finer t-shirt cannot be found.