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Gator fans and indeed all others who watched the Gators languish under the frenetic and often incompetent "leadership" of the Zook administration will greet this news with a mixture of laughter and horror I suspect, but some devoted and dillusional Illini fans have launched a pro Zook website (what a novel concept... using the internet to support a coach). Check out to see the hard core belief that under Zook, Illinois will get "better and better" as their foibles on the field each week will always be "correctible". Check it out, but be warned Gator fans, their are some choice words for you there (including some comparisons to terrorists).

A scene that warms the hearts of Gator fans everywhere.

*** Author's Note: I actually believe Illinois will improve under Zook because he is the perfect coach to bring in talent only to waste it on the field which should make Illinios a Bowl eligible team that underachieves. Fine for Illinois (for now, given their current suckitude), not fine for one of the premier programs in the country coming off a top 5 finish and returning the best quarterback in college who finished 2nd in the Heisman race the year before.