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Mandel's preview of the day? The SEC, though it says Pac-10 at the top, a confusion we're relishing a bit right now. Mandel calls the SEC "rugged," you know, like the Himalaya, Wrangler jeans, and the good looks of Clive Owen. In response, we expect nothing but histrionics toward Mandel, who is still one of the best writers around and has replaced Pete Fiutak as our resident MSM mancrush. (Pete, we're through. You're too provincial, and besides, we could never make it work in Wisconsin. It's too cold for our hothouse flower of a soul. Ciao...)

Mandel picks Florida first in the East, which makes us jittery as a mercury-poisoned hattter, especially since our inner sports sociopath flipped out when we heard about Florida's clanking offensive showing in practice on Monday. Mandel doesn't pull too many jokers from the deck in the preview--LSU good, Vandy bad, gravity pulls down and Tara Reid drinks, etc...--but there is one fine line worth sampling here:

After starting at bare bottom, Sylvester Croom's team can only get better.

We were unaware that Croom's team played last season in assless chaps. We didn't see Miss. State in the shotgun very often last year, so we're hoping Omar Conner wore gloves. Thick ones.
Mandel neglects to mention if they plan to change the chaps portion of the uni, so we're left to guess whether the Bulldogs will continue to put a little Judas Priest into their Saturday outfits.

If you think a football team can't play in assless chaps, you got another thing comin'.