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For a while now, Seminoles and EDSBS have had a common enemy: Jeff Bowden, the only son of Bobby Bowden who hasn't either been a head coach or convicted of fraud. FSU fans have been calling for a chop to the head for Jeffy since the 'Noles offense began its slide from a turf-burning, look 'ma, all-pass attack under Mark Richt to the "Pop Warner" shambles Bowden instituted, sending FSU's offensive ranking to a 23 year low last season.

In case FSU fans didn't have enough reason to spike Bowden's gas tank with sugar this season, here comes Jeffy's mind-blowing response to having the run game removed from his responsibilities, courtesy of the Palm Beach Post:

"I don't want to deal with the running game," Jeff Bowden said. "I'm not going to sit here wondering why we're not blocking this guy or that guy."

We'll just sit for a while and let the what-the-fuckitude seep into your bones for a minute.