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What would Mustache Wednesday be without a Mark Mangino reference or three? First, KU has quietly become a hotbed of controversy, with Kansas AD Lew Perkins reprimanding Mangino and company in the wake of vague recruiting "transgressions" that resulted in self-imposed restrictions for the Jayhawks. Anytime an AD waggles around letter of reprimand in the direction of a coach he did NOT hire, it's time to start watching said coach's career EKG for flatline.

Second, KU is embroiled in a minor quarterback controversy, with Brian Luke, playing the role of the stolid senior recruited by another coach here, pushing even in a contest with Adam Barmann, the upstart qb recruited by current coach Mangino. The Lawrence Journal World goes Pro/Con with it here and here. (Check out their site--today the weather forecast is for "broken clouds." Is everything heartbroken in Flyover Country? She certainly doesn't seem to be. )

Say this for Mangino: despite only incremental improvement on the desolate plains of Kansas, for the first time in a while we don't think of pompadoured serial killers prowling the highways in Buicks when we think of Kansas. Now we just think of balloon-shaped, fleshy coach with a mustache. That has to be improvement, right?

Another mint, Mr. Creosote? Isss only waahhhfer thin...