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As teams move through fall practices, fans around the country are holding their breath hoping now major injuries befall their program. Florida State already took a major hit by losing Cromartie for the season while others have been more fortunate. Last week, however, was unkind to a couple of programs. LSU lost running back Alley Broussard for the season. LSU is still in good shape, with Joseph Addai at the top of the depth chart and Justin Vincent pushing him for carries.

Maryland's best offensive lineman, Stephon Heyer, is done for the year thanks to an ACL tear.

Kentucky's sophomore running back Tony Dixon broke his leg, sidelining him for the year.

As for Alabama's injuries, check out the bama report for a chronicle, which includes Joe Kines (Age that doth ravage all man) and Mike Shula (stage fright). Good Stuff.

The most frightening pest this time of year for football fans, the injury bug.