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Working in the Krystof Kryszlawski mode, we're color-coordinating our blog updates today, featuring a few bloggy-style news bits on teams that wear red.

Struggling Joe is exasperated with mouthy JUCO transfers, but overall seems ebullient about the Huskers' chances of not playing like a team coached by Bill Callahan. (But isn't Bill still the...We know, we know, but don't tell him--Joe just seems so happy right now, it would spoil it all. ) JUCO seems to be an important word for the Huskers this year, with Callahan going to the well to boost the team's talent level going into his all-important second year. Looks like he's more than aware of the Urban Meyer rule of "three-and-out" for new coaches.

Callahan gets some goodies from the JUCO snack bar.

Rutgers, who still bear a fabulously gay name the "Scarlet Knights," may have been doing a little clubbing of their own, if this quote from senior Val Barnaby is any indicator:

"A few of us were talking before," senior Val Barnaby said. "We've never felt this way going into camp." While vague, that commentary pretty much captures the sentiments of a team that returns 17 starters.

Or a team rolling on quality ecstasy. You be the judge. If they come out wearing Dr. Seuss caps and chewing gum furiously for their opener against Illinois, you'll know something's up, especially when they break out the glowsticks in the third quarter. By the way, club drugs or not, no one will be bigger Scarlet Knights fans on September 3rd than the staff of EDSBS. "With my last breath, I spit at thee; For hate's sake, I stab at thee!..."

If Rutgers comes out with fat pants on, you'll know where they spent the night before.

And speaking of exactly will the NCAA's earthshattering stand for the red man affect the Florida State Seminoles? Try jack shit in terms of football, since there is no NCAA tournament for the sport. Instead, the NCAA prefers to subcontract its football championship to committees of car dealers and hoteliers who hold games of little actual importance in places like Shreveport, Tempe, and Boise. The committee members do, however, get to swan about in colored jackets and get their homely granddaughters prominent ceremonial roles in unbearable halftime shows and parades. And that's gotta count for something.