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Leinart showed up at the Pac 10 Media days sporting a sweet ass beard which he says is more about laziness than fashion. For that big guy we give you an EDSBS Mustache Wednesday Salute. You can check out this article here to see that Matt Leinart has no regrets about staying despite the mad jack Alex Smith signed for earlier this week. This most likely has to do with the fact that Leinart will be handsomely compensated in fine USC Puntang. Seriously, this guy must be able to just schedule it when he wants it and with whom at this point in his college career (even if he looks like Bob from the Bachelor).

Leinart looks good in the beard, but methinks a mustache looks better.

You can also check out Heisman Pundit to take a gander at his brief Q & A with Leinart.

If the whole Heisman Trophy/ guaranteed millionaire thing doesn't work out for Leinart with the ladies, perhaps he too will release an album.