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Straight Bangin' brings us this shocking news: Michigan fans are not just gay, according to noted message board poster Joe Fetrow, they're fucking gay. All of 'em. If this is true, we ask the following questions:

1. If this is true, how did Bob Seger ever come from Detroit? He's wayyy too butch, though he did sing a song called "Like a Rock." Hmm...
2. Why the prevalence of pleated pants at Michigan games? Flat-fronts, please.
3. Is this why Ted Nugent lives in the woods by himself?
4. And if they are "fucking gay" all the time, why isn't Michigan one of the nation's top tourist attractions? With all that activity, you figure they'd at least corner the "bi/curious" sex tourist demographic, right?
5. If this is true, then why wasn't a certain quarterback throwing a certain 64-yard Hail Mary to beat Colorado in 1994 instead of the other way around?

Rip Taylor: Michigan fan, according to legendary poster?