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Oh, soo sexxxyyy...Yes, it's the new EDSBS, courtesy of One Fine Jay, who sanded down our cheekbones, vacuumed the fat from our ass, and put our old fat ass in a gym for six months of steriod abuse and weight lifting in order to get us our new, spanking hot firm ass . For that we thank him profusely-the check's in the mail!

You may notice a certain dynamic duo on our banner. The choice is not insignificant, and is in some senses a bit of disclosure for the new visitor. We chose the picture for a few very good reasons:

1. Both the Wuerffelback and Spurrier were nothing short of brilliant in college.

2. Both were nothing short of forgettable in the pros, a reminder of how unique and quirky the college game really is. Things that might yield disastrous results in the pros thrive at the college level, sometimes for years. When was the last time you saw the option in the pros? Or the "concussion-friendly" qb protection seen in the Fun 'n Gun? (Hmm...never seemed to knock Doug Johnson out of games. Oh, that's because a concussion is a brain injury. Got it now.)

3. Both come from the University of Florida, our team, yes, but not our focus. Just a heads-up to the people who may wonder why we post a picture of Elton John every time we reference Bobby Bowden, or why we consistently mock Phil Fulmer for his generous physique. (That's a generous way of saying he's very, very fat.) It's because we're biased at the most personal and irrational level against them, and dislike both because we're fans of a rival. Won't stop us from covering them--or even admitting how good both are at their jobs-- but it's all right there to see at the top of the page should anyone cry foul. We're not journalists, we're fans first, which means cheap shots aren't allowed, per se--they're encouraged, and the more creative, the better.

Bobby Bowden is a great coach, even though we're Gator fans, we'll admit that. He does look like Elton John, though... Bennie! Bennie!

So please, enjoy, leave a comment, and may every day be a Saturday for you.