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Oh, that damned MSM...sometimes they have the audacity to type something...good, dammit. Mark Bechtel has a funny and informative little entry on trick plays in his daily blog. (Which isn't a blog, exactly; it's more like a daily column without links to other stuff, archived posts, or poorly hacked-together photoshop projects. Which is what we recognize as a blog, after all.)
Our personal favorite trick play in recent memory--besides well-hung crackhead Tom Sizemore talking attractive woman Elizabeth Hurley into having sex with him on camera--was Clemson's variation on the fumblerooski in the Peach Bowl a few years back. With a crowded power-I backfield, the qb faked a fumble while the ball was snapped through the qb's legs to the upback. A hilarious play, especially with Charlie Whitehurst earning his Oscar and the Tennessee defense doing everything but running out onto Forsyth Street looking for the ball. It scored a TD for the Tigers, too, which shows you just how demoralizing backyard plays can be. We keep waiting for the "all-trick play" offense to resurface, and have high hopes since Hal Mumme, after all, is back in business as New Mexico State.
Submit your own finest legerdemain play memories below.

Nice trickeration, Tom.