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First, the bad news. We were down for nearly a whole day as our HostRocket server fell down and did not get up for quite a while yesterday. In good news, we're back up and can crow about getting another free book off Warren St. John by winning his caption contest. CAW! People hate Carrot Top, and when you joke about him being killed as public spectacle, well, people start to get flat-out excited.

Give the people what they want, and Carrot Top would be very worried.
Also, you'll be getting an entirely new look at this site this weekend, as our own prolonged extreme makeover comes full circle with the launch of EDSBS 2: The Simonizing. We've got a brand new shiny and freshly waxed ass to hang out the window, and plan on debuting it Saturday or Sunday. Our web guru Jay did an exceptional job, so visit his site and tell him as much.