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We try to avoid posting on weekends--Donatella's in town, and we simply must spend some time with her on top of the task of making our vodka ration disappear--but this is simply too choice to avoid sharing. The following two quotes come from the St. Pete Times' concert review of the "Rock Never Stops " tour, featuring Ratt, Cinderella, Firehouse, and Quiet Riot.

Singing Ratt's hair-metal classics Round and Round, Back for More and You're in Love was not Stephen Pearcy but a shorthaired dude who goes by the simply indefensible moniker "Jizzy Pearl."

And a two:

As for the bad: DuBrow, with his Rod Stewart shag hairdo and his hideous leopard-print suit. Somehow it got worse when he took off the jacket to reveal his pot belly, none of which stopped him from acting in creepily amorous fashion throughout.