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Trev Alberts goes out on a limb and picks five teams he believes are overrated. We're guessing that considering Trev's past record, he's just picked a perfect pentafecta of the top five teams come January 6th, 2006.(Call your bookie now! Ask for the Trev counter pentafecta!)

Trev's powers of perception don't exactly rival Negrodamus'.
Trev's picks: Miami, Tennessee, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Notre Dame.
Maybe having our head in the blogosphere all day long has affected our judgement, but isn't there an entirely different set of teams in your head, dear reader, than Trev's fortunate five? (All five are now guaranteed to have successful seasons thanks to his formal statement of underestimation. Trev, please put us on your "WILL NEVER WIN POWERBALL LOTTO" list. That's O-r-s-o-n...) If anything, here's the blogosphere's counters to each of Trev's picks:
Georgia. Has Trev not become aware of the Tee Martin Hypothesis, the corollary to the Patrick Ewing Theory that states a black quarterback following a beloved white qb will lead the team to heights unknown by the aforementioned cracker? DOES HE DOUBT ITS POWER?

Trev doesn't know what he's messing with.
Miami. CFR, who clued us in to Trev's bold picks to begin with, gets this one before we can: a Miami team without stars is something to take very, very seriously come fall; many of the best 'Canes teams in the past came in as relatively unheralded nobodies and left as stars (see Willis McGahee and Ken Dorsey.) You know, the ones who can't spend one too many nights out on South Beach because they're not famous enough to get into the VIP just yet. Plus, they've had a record of success with first-year starters that defies all conventional wisdom like Trev's nostrums.
Tennessee. The one count we might all agree with Trev on--save for Checkerboard and Voluminous, but that's to be expected. No one in the Blogpoll seemed to entirely trust this team. CRDP (Cool Ranch Dorito Phil)
is the coach no one wants to believe in, despite his phenomenal record at Tennessee, and the weak secondary and untested wideouts could be real trouble in an SEC East loaded with three pass-friendly offenses and a few very good secondaries.
Oklahoma. A split verdict, meaning everyone else seems to write them off while we remain skeptical. USC fans and Left Coasters are busy predicting Oklahoma's thirty-point upset by TCU, but we doubt Bob Stoops has lost his touch overnight. We watched his mentor Spurrier get his ass kicked in similar, humiliating fashion in the Fiesta Bowl against a similarly hellacious Nebraska team and come back the following year and win the national championship. (And that's the kind of company last year's USC team should keep in your memory; the dorky hypothetical match between the two teams makes us pant just thinking about it. The syringes full of bulls' piss on the 95 'Husker sidelines might give them a slight edge in our mind, but take away the "Osborne edge" and you might have a tight game.) Point being: don't bet against the machines, especially following a serious setback. For the moment, we still consider OU a machine, especially with the loss of Jason White, a choke artist rivalled only by Jenna Jameson for depth and frequency of gaggitude in the spotlight.

Choke artists unite!
Notre Dame. By definition, Trev's right, but it's a moot point: the Irish are always overrated, if only because of the weight of history and their hysterical fanbase. And with Weis on board, wouldn't this be the first time in a long while to NOT make this pick a default choice for the overrated list? The blogosphere seems divided on this, even our esteemed colleagues at Blue-Gray Sky. We'll go ahead and say that they'll have a successful year, which is a wuss' way of saying we think they'll lose at least three games but make respectable showings in those losses, including versus the Trojans.
Odd: Trev didn't say Nebraska, did he?