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The Great CFB Blogger Slapfest of 2005 exploded while we were off in the mountains getting Giardia and reading Phil Steele's Preview in our tent. (Really, that thing is like the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy; it's got everything is in it, including the full text of the Upanishads in Sanskrit, a manual on forklift operation, a correct proof of Fermat's last theorem, and nude photos of Chad Henne in it. Okay, that last part isn't true, but we're just seeing if it gets any hits from Boi From Troy. The nude photos are actually of former Vandy coach Woody Widenhofer. The horror...)

Surprise! Woody's not wearing any pants in this picture.
We've tried to summarize the various stages of the GCFBBS '05 below for your reading pleasure:
1. Heismanpundit's initial call to "exterminate the brutes" make blogs hold lazy commentators accountable for their foibles, among other things. See Solon's comments below the post for a great counter and a sign of blog drama ahead.
2. BruinsNation and CFR sign on. In separate posts, BruinsNation and CFR concur.
3. The counter-revolution begins. See us play Edmund Burke to HP's Robespierre, all the while admitting that we spend time looking for photos of Rosario Dawson naked. (NSFW, of course.)
4. The counter-revolution gets heated, courtesy of MGoBlog. Brian at MGoBlog puts some stank on it and lets HP have it; the excellent iBlog for Cookies gets his bitchslap on here, too. (What is it with the cojones on these Michigan bloggers? Remind us to pick you in our next blogger convention bar fight, which we're guessing would be the biggest sissy-boy slapfight we've ever seen.)
5. UPDATE! HP hits back! We're not bold! We have no theories! We respond in comments and above, as well. Neither does Brian!
See the comments sections on both sites for great responses, including some mention of how people "see" bloggers. We have our own ideas on how people see bloggers:

Your facile understanding of college football appalls me, halfling. I shall soothe my pain with another bag of Funyuns while savaging you on my weblog.