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One of our goals today will be recognizing many of the great blogs our ignorant asses had never seen before prior to il conclavio over at MGoBlog. (Thus far, it's happened without any Dan Brown-style intrigue, but who knows, someone might be knifed in the back by a hashashin just yet, and all in the span of a three page chapter. Anyone unfamiliar with the Dan Brown oeuvre might be a little lost here, but he's the hack who wrote The Da Vinci Code, and had the brazen contempt to end a book with the line, "You've never made love to a yoga master." Giggleworthy to the end.)

We've never slept with a yoga master, and if we were a woman, we wouldn't sleep with Captain Speedo here, either.
Have you met Tony? seems to spend equal time obsessing over The Family Guy and Bowling Green State university, which is fine with us so long as he keeps the cool-ass countdown clock running next to the picture of Stewie on his header. (Dance, puppets!) The DJL Zone keeps up the Falcons theme with other sports commentary, along with a nice music pick for each entry. (What, no Creed, homie?) Sporting Fools involves talking about other sports, but perhaps we can rid them of that and pull them over to the dark side by fall. StateFans Nation covers all your Wolfpack needs, RD Baker's feeling the Big 12, and you can almost hear a frustrated White Sox fan's skull hitting the wall on Section Six. Paradigm Blog is another quality Michigan blogger with a bit of a man-crush on Barack Obama, while Straight Bangin' combines his Michigan fetish with studied bits on hip-hop. Continuing withe the hybrid theme, The Catholic Packer Fan handles football analysis and thorny theological knots with equal dexterity, all the while hanging a perfect 10 on the Universal Whiteness Scale. (Packer Fan, if you're not Caucasian, then we're falling off this chair RIGHT NOW.) Eagle in Atlanta writes an extremely focused and thorough Boston College blog, even though we must remind him that he shares the "Eagle in Atlanta" title with this Atlanta Eagle, the city's largest leather-daddy gay club. We'll take you there one night if you like, but if you have any epiphanies while you're there, we're not to blame. Sexy Results! is just breaking into the football blogging bit, but judging from his first results, we strongly encourage him to continue. Knowing nothing is hardly an impediment to doing this-look at us! A final shout-out to UT Vols Blog, the first Tennessee blog we know of and a welcome addition to our bloglist. Your coach is fat. That is all. and Fulmer: feelin' the love.