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We're posting our answers to Brian's request for comments below. Stranko and Orson are still arguing about our top 25, and would actually throw down about it, but the man knows people with tasers and pepper spray, and from what we've heard from FSU players, those things hurt. So we'll keep it civil and post here in the meantime.

1. Overrated? Ohio State. We looked at our own laughable draft of the top ten today and realized how full of crap we were by placing them so high in the rankings without ever seeing if they could score a point on offense. There's little reason to think their offensive woes and lack of a power runner will get any better this season, and no matter how good your linebackers are-and jesus, sportswriters nationwide are soaking their keyboards over them-a D left on the field that long will lose their grip late in the game every time. Plus there's the early season game with Texas, which the Buckeyes must win in order to get a shot at the national title: a Michigan team that will likely have no problem putting up thirty a game is waiting at the tail end of the schedule. Again, what the hell were we thinking?

(Oh, and Tennessee is likely overrated, but we're putting them as high as we can to make their eventual precipitous fall all the sweeter for us. It's sick, but it's the truth.)

2. Underrated? Boise State at 20. If they beat Georgia, we'll look like geniuses. Louisville at 12 gets eight spots on them? After they lost to them by one point in their bowl game? We love Dan Hawkins' squad, and their Tasmanian Devil schedule this year means someone's getting knocked out, Smurf Turf-style. No way they finish this low at the end.

3. High teens or worse in Rose Bowl? The Aggies are the most attractive pick, this being year three of Plan Franchione, when his teams lift off and start beating the pants off their opponents. But that's at 17 and therefore kind of cheap in our eyes, so let's go wayyyy out on the ledge for this one: Boston College. Why the hell not? It's a weak year in the ACC, FSU comes to their house, they don't make many mistakes across the board, and their defense is stingayyy. Their only serious road game is in Blacksburg, and the rest of their schedule looks very manageable. Plus their coach was a Marine, and would kick our ass if we didn't pick his team as our dark horse for this poll. Oooorahh!