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Terry Pellman of has little tolerance for bullshit, evidently, since he fillets his own offense-and a vocal wing of the Crimson Tide fan base-in this brutally honest post on The creme de la creme:

Despite the grumbling, mostly from the "sports sociopathic" faction of the Bama fan base, the staff is entering their third season leading the Crimson Tide.

It's good to see football fans who recognize their own lunatic fringe and the disastrous effects they can have on a program's development. Yet the other notable thing about the post is the absolute lasting skepticism towards Shula's handling of the program. We'd think that three years into a program, there would be some kind of consensus take among the fanbase: this guy's great, this guy's crap, we should storm the AD's office and toss him off the balcony, etc, etc...but in Tuscaloosa, there only seems to be a lingering hesitancy about Shula the Younger. After getting burned so many times since the Bryant era-the Perkins/Curry era, the sudden departure of Gene Stallings, the roller-coaster ride of the DuBose reign, and finally Strippergate with Mike Price and the sudden oncoming of Mike Shula-are Bama fans finally over the drama? We'd like to think so, but a few more losses this season and alumni may start looking west to Starkville for an answer to their prayers and prove us dead wrong.

If you own a painting like this...well, you might be "sports sociopathic."