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Since it is the off season and we here at are married and have previously admitted to sometimes having to watch something other than sports, we would like to sound a shout out to our friendly neighbors to the north and congratulate them for having this years' most beautiful woman... not just in the world, but in the universe.

Almost enough to make us all hockey fans, eh.

Miss Canada Natalie Glebova was crowned Miss Universe last night by America's most ostentatious billionare, along with the help of such experts in female beauty as Carson from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

Who could possibly be a better judge of sexy women than this guy? We can only guess that Wilt Chamberlain was not available.

Miss Glebova was a bit more fit than her American counterpart (who was doing nothing to buck international stereotypes) and a bit less surgically altered than her Latin American counterparts, but methinks that it was her sucking up to the home crowd in Thailand that put her over the top.

Whatever it takes to just win baby! Miss Canada sucks up to the mostly buddhist population of Thailand with a traditional Nameste greeting.

Lest you believe that this competition sends a bad message to the young women of the world, remeber that each of the top five had to answer a challenging question submitted by their fellow competitors in broken English before being crowned. Well, we here at wish her the best in here year reigning over the universe. Hopefully she will have more success than last years Miss Universe in finally acheiving the competition's true goal of world peace.
Jennifer Hawkins may not have solved the Middle East, but she will still be missed.