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The Link-o-rama rolls on into the weekend here at, this time trying to cover all four corners of this great land of ours with our hyperlinked tastiness.
--Setting the pace is the inimitable Paul Finebaum, shooting the shit with Spurrier while trying to goad him into a couple of fat Phil jokes. He does get Spurrier to say this at a pro-am tournament in Birmingham:

Spurrier, who was in Birmingham last week to play in a celebrity pro-am, couldn't resist pulling out the needle, even for a nanosecond.

"I know coach Fulmer would love to be here in Birmingham," said Spurrier, an avid golfer. "But he felt like his golf game probably isn't quite up to par. I know he's not too fond of coming to Alabama right now."

Here's hoping Phil doesn't catch that super-creepy episode of the X-Files, "Home," on tv anytime soon. He won't sleep for days thinking about the deranged Bama fans who spend their days detailing cars and plotting his demise.

Phil, this guy's waiting for you in Tuscaloosa.
--David Climer warns Urban Meyer about his tongue in the Tennessean. Considering that the guys over at the Gator Country forums really do seem to know what he had for dinner last night, we'd second that advice. Notable achievement: mentioning Gerry DiNardo and Meyer in the same column, which is kind of like comparing Downtown Julie Brown with King Kong Bundy in a wrestling column.
--Football program misery does have negative economic side effects, as this Post-Intelligencer article makes all too clear.

--John Rohde of the Oklahoman gives the lowdown on the costs of collegiate officiating. Pricier than you'd think.
--Joey Johnston profiles Bobby Bowden in The Tampa Tribune, still making the rounds at 75. Choice quote:

Bowden thought a little more about Urban Meyer, then smiled.

``I just call him Number 7,'' he said.

Doug Dickey, Charley Pell, Galen Hall, Gary Darnell, Steve Spurrier, Ron Zook and ... Urban Meyer.

Number 7.

Bowden: still sassy after all these years.

--Ryan Perriloux, golden boy freshman qb for the LSU Tigers, takes some advice from someone in LSU's sports information department and backtracks on some old quotes in this article in the Times-Picayune.
--Further Meyer mayhem in Florida, courtesy of the Tampa Trib via Florida Fan.