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Stanford is bucking the trend of teams like Michigan and Tennessee, which have sought to top each other for supremacy as the largest stadiums in the country, in their new plans for a stadium redesign. Stanford, which does not routinely fill its 85,000 person stadium, is planning an overhaul with the aim of helping the game day atmosphere. The plans include removing some 35,000 seats and the track that surrounds the field, bringing the fans that are present closer to the action and each other. There is nothing worse than empty seats in an arena to kill that wonderful college football atmosphere (yes, we are looking at you Miami fans!) so we here at salute those smart and savy Cardinals. A rowdy 50,000 fans right on top of the action will create a much better home field advantage than a sparsely populated and distant crowd.... of course that only works if the 50,000 seats fill up.

If the Stanford mascot doesn't instill fear in their opponents, perhaps the new stadium will.