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Checking in from God know's where, Doc Pedro joins us again with a sporting story that made him just a bit jealous.

How do I get this Gig: Out to Stud
by Doc Pedro

Nestled among the bluegrass hills outside Lexington, Ky you will find a true master of his domain, Prized stallion Storm Cat. A descendant of celebrated Triple Crown winner Secretariat, Storm Cat is the most sought-after thoroughbred sire in horse racing. And it's easy to see why. Storm Cat's offspring have earned more than $90 million at the track, prompting eager breeders to line their mares up outside his stable. Demanding a stud fee of $500,000 per session, Storm Cat figures to earn more than $20 million this year alone for his owners. Storm Cat also has a special mare ?fluff horse? if you will to prep him for each encounter. HBO Real Sports airing of this story got us here at thinking about the potential of the billion-dollar business of breeding athletic superstars. I mean honestly how many us wouldn?t love to be living the high life in the rolling hills getting paid to sire future stud athletes with mates that are talented enough to produce the best. So what we want to know is who you think would command the most fees and why? Don?t be shy we are ready to hear anything from Georgia Alum Herschel walker to tennis star Lindsey Davenport.

What kind of stud fees might these superstars command?