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Stewart's Mailbag is up. We like his dark horse picks, especially Texas A&M in the third season of Franchione's tenure. Why? Coach Fran's teams don't really flesh out until their third year, they've got some solid experience on the roster, and Reggie McNeal is hell to plan against for opposing DCs. As usual, we'll also be shamelessly expanding on the stuff Mandel brings up in his asides as material for the next week of posts. Thanks, Stew!

We'll pass on his pick of Rachel Bilson as a new object of worship, though. The official objects of worship for the staff of are our wives. (Marvel at our black-belt husbandry, audience. Marvel!) We know that Stranko has an enduring fondness for Katarina Witt and Salma Hayek(quality, sir) but hey, if we're talking about pinups, Orson will state for the record that his tastes run more to the Vargas Girl side of things than to the Twiggy school: Sophia Loren in the day, Jennifer Tilly, at least half of the Australian women's football team, and that woman from every Outkast video, Ki Toy Jackson (pictured in all her splendor below.) Ah, and Angela Bassett, but only in the limo driver's outfit in Strange Days. You know, with the boots. Oh, and Cate Blanchett in The Life Aquatic , and only when she's pregnant. Sure, it's weird, but is it any weirder than lusting after a ninety-pound 19-year-old who's half your weight? We think not.

Women on trampolines. We're not totally immune.