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Chris DuFresne of the LA Times hates the BCS and its perpetual tweaking. John Romano pulls a Method Man and says the 12 game season and BCS fiddling equals another case of C.R.E.A.M. David Climer adds his two cents in a Shakespearean diss of the 12th game. What columnist really puts a spike in the heart of the NCAA's plan to get a pro league on the cheap? Dennis Dodd, who we occasionally mock for stating the obvious. Turns out the naked greed of the NCAA and the Bowlmeisters is the perfect topic for Dodd to cover. The money quote comes from Lloyd Carr via the Ann Arbor News:

This is a piece of legislation that, in my mind, treats the intercollegiate football player like a professional," Michigan coach Lloyd Carr told the Ann Arbor News. "If we're going to treat them like professionals, we should pay 'em. We should have a playoff and go after it." Carr said he asked Brand in January how the NCAA reconciled passage of the academic reform package and add a 12th game.

"And his response was that it's hypocrisy," Carr told the News, "the 12th game is strictly for money. He used that word twice."

Lloyd's got a pair. Here's hoping Myles Brand will grow one, too.

Lloyd Carr: has a pair.