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In's infancy we had an early and promising appearance by our wondering correspondent, Doc Pedro, which was well received and even generated some of our first non-relative based comments. Well, he disappeared for a while but has resurfaced on my instruction to begin providing for our loyal readers our Ivy League preview. Today we begin with Doc Pedro's own Alma Mater, Dartmouth.

IVY League Preview: Dartmouth College looking players (open tryouts) : by Doc Pedro

After a few months of intensely investigating the steroid trade in Tijuana; I am back to for's annual profile of the IVY League.

Doc Pedro didn't find the steroids, but Viagra was aplenty.

We begin with the storied tradition of Dartmouth College. The Dartmouth College football team kicked off spring practice on Monday, April 18; attempting to return to its championship ways that have garnered 17 Ivy League football championships. The last title however, came with a 10-0 season in 1996. That's a long time ago in an era when only short-term memory matters. Around the Hanover, N.H., campus the question was, "What championship tradition?" Over the past seven seasons, Dartmouth won 16 games and lost 53 including a 1-9 record last fall. This was the catalyst for the (re)hiring of new Big Green Football coach Eugene F. (Buddy) Teevens III, who as a player led Dartmouth to the 1978 Ivy League championship and as a coach led Dartmouth football to back-to-back Ivy League titles in 1990 and 1991. Most recently, Buddy T was the head coach at Stanford University from 2002 through 2004 where he was, shall we say, less than successful. Prior to that, Buddy T was on Steve ?the ole ball coach? Spurrier's staff at the University of Florida from 1998 to 2001.
At the start of spring ball Buddy T was quick to say to his team and the media (me) "There's work to be done but the goal is to win the Ivy League championship. Philosophically, I like to throw the football. To do so, you need a quarterback and guys to protect the quarterback. You need some running backs to distract people, and some people to catch the ball. Defensively, I believe in pressure." Allowing us here at to dub him the ?the ole ball coach? of the Ivy League.
After watching a week of practice I know Buddy T probably will be using every hour until the opener against Colgate on Sept. 17 to evaluate returning talent from a 2004 team that lost five games by a total of 20 points. Dartmouth has 34 returning lettermen (28 lost) including three starters on offense and six on defense. Clearly, they need help. If you are interested in playing for Dartmouth football, have the eligibility and think you can get the SAT score to get in click here. Summer Prospect Day will be held, June 25th for more information contact Chris Micale in the football office at 603-646-2475 to reserve your spot.
One step--make that one pass--at a time. At Dartmouth, "Buddy Ball" is back and I for one am looking forward to the return of the Big Greens storied tradition.
Open Tryouts Set To Begin.