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We here at have a little bit of a hero worship problem when it comes to the evil genius in the visor. That's right... Steven Orr Spurrier.

So far since taking the South Carolina job he's been the new humble and kind Steve, but we know when the competitive juices get going, he will land some good verbal assaults like "You can't spell Citrus Bowl without U T". Well, we're glad to see he's working on his game this spring too. In response to a South Carolina player being accused in a scuffle, he landed a nice jab at his old rival Fulmer by stating, "I guess at one time somebody accused (Newton) of slapping him or something. But this was not a full-blown fight. If you want to read about some full-blown fights, read about the Tennessee players, not our guys. We?ve not had any knockdown, drag-out fights amongst our players." Way to go SOS. We salute you.