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Steve Spurrier has the Cocks and fans of Cocks everywhere in a state of excited anticipation and dreaming of a big BCS climax. Hopefully, for their sakes, that climax won't be premature... and on national television. In an unprecedented move which seems right out of Dodgeball, ESPN 2 and ESPNU are broadcasting the Garnet and Black spring football game live at 1PM this Saturday.
Immediately following the dodgeball finals on the Ocho, watch an incensed coach throw his visor during a college football practice

Thus, the drive for a record breaking stint in the deep south begins for the Spurr Dog. The first record that he is trying to break is the spring football attendance record of just over 19,000 at South Carolina. We think he's got that one covered. And if we know the Old Ball Coach, he's got his eye on the 58,500 orange and blue clad fans that decended upon Gainesville this weekend with a hope of rivaling that figure. We here at wish him the best... until November 21st that is.