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As an undergrad at the University of Florida, the staff of was thrilled to hear that we were recruiting a talented WR out of Louisiana by the name of Booty. Turns out UF couldn't attract Booty, and he ended up going to LSU, where he in turn attracted the other Booty brother, Josh. Sad as it was, we consoled ourselves with the knowledge that we were at least keeping quality Booty in the SEC.

LSU evidently lost the magic Booty touch, though; John David Booty, the next in a long line of outstanding Bootys, decided against following other Booty to LSU and opted for a scholarship at New Booty Central, a.k.a. USC. Now with Matt Leinart out due to shoulder surgery, Booty is really taking charge of spring practice in L.A.

This entire piece was written for two reasons, by the way:
1. To exhaust a marginally funny joke through repetition.
2. To post something-nay, anything-about West Coast football and pretend like we care. For a more detailed-read admirably obsessive-take on USC's spring practice, we encourage you to check out Boi From Troy, written by our favorite kind of conservative, a gay football fan. He cares lots about our Left Coast brethren.

Booty in charge!