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Apparently everyone has replay fever now. The SEC is going to try it out a la the Big Ten, putting it on a trial basis for the 2005 season. Do you really want less error in the game? Do you really want to watch some Gomer stick his head under the hood of a replay machine for five minutes in the middle of a game? Do you finally want your team's nutcrushing defeat to be entirely the fault of the team, and not easily blamed on the refs? We thought that constituted one of the great pleasures of the collegiate game: lack of culpability due to official incompetence. Oh, and one last thing, quoting from Maisel's mailbag contributor Derrick Brown from lovely Pensacola, FL:

Had it been around in the SEC the last three years, Florida would have three or four more wins. Sounds good if you're a Gator fan, until you realize Ron Zook would still be your coach. Say no to instant replay.

Masochistic? Yes we are. Cruel? No way. We concur, Derrick.