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Our Gainesville correspondent, Stranko Montana, writes in with his submission on the superiority of Saturdays. I had to post it for the Don Francisco reference alone:

Much as the cast of Seinfeld pointed out a decade ago, everyday has a feel... although I think there may have been some disagreement over whether Tuesday had a feel or not.

I could not agree more and the day that feels the best to me is Saturday. I don't imagine there is too much dispute over this from a pro-Monday faction, but I am sure Friday and Sunday have there supporters. Although Robert Smith might find love on Friday, we must remember that Friday is still a traditional workday... even if it is the least productive. Consequently, I think it is down to two days for champions of the week. As there are 7 days in the week, here my top 7 reasons for Saturday Superiority:

1. Ever since being a kid, Saturdays have always ruled. No school, sugary cereals and a morning filled with the Smurfs and Looney Toons. Life was good.

2. John Travolta didn't get the fever for disco on Fridays or Sundays.(Objection. He did, but he had to work at the paint store on Fridays and go to church with his mom on Sundays. Seen the movie a few too many times...-Ed.)

3. Saturday is the only day it is acceptable to both start and finish with a buzz.

4. There is no such thing as Domingo Gigante on Univision... no, no, no. Don Francisco celebrates on Saturdays.
Don Francisco: Cabeza gigante!
Don Francisco and his cabeza gigante agree: Saturday rules.

5. You don't have to go to church on either weekend day if you don't want... but Saturday is free for 2000 years of ingrained guilt.

6. By the time 6PM comes around on Sunday.... even if the afternoon NFL game is great... your mind already starts to wonder to the dread of the new work week approaching. A pit of acid develops in your stomach as you think about walking in to work Monday morning and you wonder if you filled your weekend with enough hedonism to get you through the next week. Yup, Sunday morning could be filled with a drunken orgy on your favorite ride at Disney World, but the 6PM sorrows are still enough to ruin the day.

7. Although there is good football on both Saturdays and Sundays, it is obvious from the URL that our bent is in favor of college football. For this reason alone, Saturday wins. Oh, I can hear you saying now that the college football delight of Saturday has been watered down with the advent of Tuesday night, Thursday night and Friday night college football on the tube these days. Too much of a good thing.... never. It is merely an appetizer for the big enchilada: Saturday football. You won't here Keith Jackson saying "whoa nelly!" on Thurday night nor Bob Griese still hating on the Gators because the Spur-Dogg bested him for the Heisman so many years ago. Yup. Saturday is still the king of college football.... making Saturday the king of the week.