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Panic on the streets of London...panic of the streets of's time to think about the Sun Belt, at least according to Pete Fiutak, who has one of our favorite names in the sportswriting world.

We also give you the link because we know how Pete's day must have been. relaxing drive into work in light traffic, very little static from the old lady, a nice mellow piece of agreeable white music on the stereo (I'm betting Pete Fiutak is a Maroon 5 guy. That's just my opinion.) Pete was thinking it would be a pretty good day, all in all.

Then he walked into his office, checked his email, and he found out he had to write a whole article on the Sun Belt conference. I imagine Pete's latte went sour right there and then.

But hey, Pete suffers so that we all may learn. For example, did you know that the University of North Texas has a football team? Did you know their nickname is "Mean Green"? Did you know I hung 91 points on them once in a game of NCAA 2004 with the MTSU Blue Raiders? Did you know that I'm, yes again, still married to the woman who knows I spent 45 minutes doing this?