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A website needs columns, right? Here we believe in competition. Here's Doctor Pedro, our first audition for weekly columnist. He typed it from an airport in Minneapolis, and it's my guess that he's mainlining some of Seattle's Best as he writes. Let us know what you think and we'll have him installed as a regular or destroyed by our legion of four armed assasin robots.

The Everyday Life: Love and Sports
by: Pedro ?El doctor del Amor?

The Everyday Life:
Peace of mind?can you really find it in a white gum ball machine at the Mall. Eat Flies, Date Pigs, Live your dreams pass it on. What kind of slogan is this?

Sitting in Minneapolis airport, which for some reason smells like a combination of grapes and dirty gym shorts, is this what people look like. How are you supposed to write a column when everyone makes no sense and tries to talk to you?

Try this: my best friend is marrying a douche bag?the girl I am currently dating favorite movie is Dirty Dancing?what kind of favorite movie is this?can you really date someone who?s favorite movie is dirty dancing.

Come on. A movie you watch ok?but your favorite?

I have a conference call in about 15 minutes, whenever I have one of these I always wonder what the people on the other look like. Sometimes I do this so much that I forget to concentrate on the subject at hand.

Oh I almost forgot my name is Pedro and I am not sure where to begin. I guess they always say that the best place to start is at the beginning though I am not sure that by the time you read this there will not be a new beginning or that things have not changed. But I will give it a shot.

In life, you are just some frustrated number that is suppose to go through the system just like everyone else; taught to believe in God, family and country. But what if I really want a cold beer, chicken wings and a stadium filled with 80,000 rabid college football fans half of which I call my family and who are all willing to join together to protect our football nation, our religion?

You will find my column every Monday. Dealing with college football and love. Feel free to questions, comments, and stories:

This weeks questions:

Do I leave my wife her whole family is Auburn fans and I went to Alabama and I just can?t take this losing streak anymore?

Is Urban Meyer the answer at Florida?

Questions of the week:

How many times will Steve Spurrier play golf this summer?

Comments/Post: Worst Valentines Day pick up lines and stories.