Signing Day/Masquerade

Music Link One

A Dark, Empty room in Baton Rouge

Cam Cameron: (Spoken)

Monsieur . . . Miles!

Les Miles: (Spoken)

Monsieur . . . Cameron!


Dear Leslie, these are splendid recruits.


Quite the cream of the crop this year.


Such a haul, I’m impressed.


Well, one does one’s best!


Here’s to us


I must say all the same it is a shame that Saban fellow isn’t here!





Signing Day! All blue chippers on parade

Signing Day! Flaunt your class so the world will know and fear you.

Signing Day! Top recruits of every shade

Signing Day! Look around there’s a five star’s fax behind you.

Tall tight end

Top QB

Good DTs,

(two or three)

Dumb or smart

White or black

Flanker for

Pass attack

Five stars!

Get their fax, sign em up

On the football team

Right here in Baton Rouge

Strong tailback

Workout freak

Scores TDs

Every week.

Big OT

From Texas

Lemming says

He’s the best!

Recruits! Bring em in, sign em up

So you win

Every game

Every year

And titles for The Hat!

Signing Day! Yellow hats and

Tiger rags!

Signing Day! Sign your fill and greyshirt the disappointments.

Signing Day! Stealing recruits, flipping kids

Signing Day! Woo the kids or just maybe bribe the parents.

Signing day! High school seniors full of pride!

Signing Day! Get ready for boosters to pay the kroots’ rents.

Signing Day! Signing punters and CBs

Signing Day! Make the strength of your class very apparent.

Mme Miles:

What a day!


What a class!

Makes me glad!

Kiss my ass

Got the Crème

De la crème

John Chavis

Fax machine is full of them.


Oh those months!


On the road!


Kissing ass!


Now my work is done,

And I can eat some grass!

Mme Miles:

No straw hats!


No more shorts

Mme Miles:

Have a drink!


Here’s a toast!

To a prosperous year!

Hey Leslie, pass a beer!


May the Tigers win their games


Make a run

Mme Miles

To the championship!


Think of it

I’m your recruit now

Look, your football star,

Just think of it.

Crooting Coordinator:

But why keep it secret? What have you to hide?


Oh no, please don’t they’ll see.

Crooting Coordinator:

Well then let them see.

This is recruiting! Petty crime!


Leonard, what are you afraid of?

Let’s not argue (Let’s not argue)

Send the fax (what fax?)

It will be there in good time!



Signing Day!

Top recruits are on parade!

Signing Day! Show your face to the fans who now will love you.

Signing day! There’s recruits of every shade!

Signing Day! Look around

There’s another ‘kroot behind you.

Signing Day! Look it’s Coach O

On TV!

Orgeron! Bellowing out a YAW YAW YAW YAW YAW YAW

Signing Day! Purples, Yellows, Tiger Hats!

Signing Day! Tell Saban, HEY YOU HILLJACK! FUCK Y—

Music Part Two



Why so silent, Tiger fans!

Did you think that I had left Baton Rouge?

Have you missed me, Tiger fans?

I now rule in Alabama.

There I keep my record haul,

Three crystal footballs!

You are welcome to stop by,

I’ll beat you again this year.

I may have lost to Auburn but you’re still living in fear!


(Beckons Fournette)


Your fax now is mine!

You will play for MEEEEE!!!!!


//they exit

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