Conference win totals and losing streaks, by team

I have three grids and a spreadsheet running on the "big five" conferences. The grids cover each team's most recent true home win and most recent true road win against each conference opponent, with a unified matrix for most recent win overall regardless of site. Those stats come from, and are input regardless of conference affiliation at time of last win. The spreadsheet tracks conference W/L records since 2000, based mostly on ESPN's standings.

After updating everything for the 2013 season, here's what I see over 14 seasons:

  • There were 259 total conference games played in the ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12, and SEC in 2013. There were 216 conference games for those five in 2000.
  • There were 19 different teams with a combined 32 perfect conference seasons.
  • There were 18 different teams with a combined 41 winless conference seasons. Auburn is the only team in both categories but Baylor came close.
  • Cal becomes the third Pac team to have nine conference losses, and fourth overall.
  • 2013 had six teams go "oh-fer" in conference play, the most since I started keeping track.
  • Streak broken: Vanderbilt's first win at Florida since 1945, 20th attempt (tied 1958).
  • Streak broken: Indiana's first ever victory against Penn State, 17th attempt.
  • Also, Baylor won at Kansas State and Duke won at Virginia Tech for the first time.
  • With the exceptions of Alabama (1975) and Mississippi State (1984), Missouri's most recent victories against SEC opponents were in either 2013 or a past bowl game. Against Vanderbilt, the 2013 win replaced 1896.

Who's the first conference-jumper of this decade to lose to every other member of its new conference while in that conference? It's complicated. When Colorado lost to Oregon State on Sept. 28, it had lost to every member of the Pac-12 in the past three years, but the Cal game in 2011 was a Big 12 schedule holdover. Colorado hasn't lost a conference game to Cal yet.

But by losing to both Kansas and Iowa State this year, West Virginia unequivocally has lost a conference game to every member of the Big 12. TCU has yet to lose to Kansas in Big 12 play.

Nebraska has beaten every current Big Ten opponent in conference play except for Indiana, and won't have a chance to do that until 2016. (Meanwhile, Texas A&M has yet to be scheduled against Georgia or Kentucky.)

Conference opponent droughts, by year, based on 2010 configuration

The longest Pac-10 (not Pac-12) drought currently active, by year: Cal over USC and Washington over Oregon, neither since 2003. Previous record-holder was Washington State over USC (2000).

The longest Big Ten droughts excluding Nebraska are owned by Indiana, vs. Michigan (1987) and Ohio State (1988), but third-longest moves forward to Minnesota over Ohio State (2000).

SEC (2010 version) has 10 droughts dating to 2003 or earlier, but there are many long gaps between matchups. Florida hasn't beaten Auburn since 2002, but only played three times since.

The 12-team ACC has nine droughts go back past when the first Big East teams were added. Aside from Duke never beating Florida State (19 attempts and counting), the next-longest drought that began while both teams were in the ACC is Wake Forest over Georgia Tech (2002).

Longest droughts in the eight teams left of the original Big 12: Kansas-Texas (1938, with a close call in 2012) and Iowa State-Oklahoma (1990). The latter is the last Big Eight loss streak.

There are multiple "never beat" listings with the conferences as they currently stand, and more next year, so I won't get into those.


  • With Maryland joining the Big Ten, Penn State's non-loss streak of 29 games against the Terps is bumped to the top of the conference list, last loss 1961 (tied 1989).
  • But Florida still has the longest win streak over a conference opponent that started in-conference. That streak is 27 games over Kentucky (last Wildcat win: 1986).
  • Kentucky is 3-33-2 all-time in the state of Alabama.
  • USC has beaten Oregon State 22 times in a row at home (last win by the Beavers in L.A.: 1960).
  • Oklahoma has beaten Iowa State 21 times in a row in Ames (last win by the Cyclones at home: Also 1960).

Below is a list of team's conference records 2000-present, calculated for 64 teams — all power-five conference members plus those going into those conferences next year. Thirty-five teams are above .500 in conference play and 28 below. UCLA is even. Pac teams have played 120 games, Big Ten/SEC/ACC 112, and conference-jumpers varying numbers. Vacancies are ignored.

If the list is organized by win percentage for the last five years, the top teams are Oregon, Alabama, Ohio State, Stanford, Florida State/LSU/Clemson, and Oklahoma/Oklahoma State.


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