This Week in Dumb Ways To Die Gifs

Alrighty, boys and girls, forgive the lateness and the future unpredictable timing but the jerks at work stole my Imgur extension.

First up, just like how it's possible to make TWIS even if you won, there are Dumb Ways to Almost Get Your Ass Kicked. Step right up, MICHIGAN! That AKRON was not nearly as friendly and docile as you expected!


In especially fucking stupid shit, WISCONSIN, you blew up the whole game with one bad move.


But you're not the only idiots involved in that game. Step right up, PAC-12 REFS! Comparing you to the kid who sticks a fork into a toaster is an insult to idiots who stick forks into toasters.


STABBY NEBRASKA has been on the positive end of these gifs, but this week finds them just surrendering score after score to HOT SAUCE.


DUKE lost to BEES. It happens, when you're Duke.


Some teams did multiple stupid things and deserve multiple gif awards. TEXAS, first of all, GERG was not the medicine you needed.


Then you went and poked the mighty OLE MISS BLACK BEARS REBELS.


And your defense looked a hair disoriented by the lightning speed of Jeff Scott.


And your head coach is just floating around in space without a clue.


But don't worry, because you're not alone in wanting to blow up your program! NEBRASKA, you and your hideous black jerseys had it going on for a couple quarters!


But the wheels came off, and then your coach got a little word vomity.


And your fanbase pretty much wants to do this to the whole coaching staff.


Obviously I didn't catch every game on Saturday because I was too busy having a fucking blast, but upon checking the box score, I see that VIRGINIA TECH only managed to score 15 points against EAST CAROLINA. Something tells me this gif is just gonna go back and forth between VIRGINIA TECH and a couple of MSUs all season.


Oh, Charlie Weis. We've already featured RICE in this space for being a pretty feisty Asian Cuisine Staple. It was just a matter of time, but they definitely had that KANSAS game circled on their calendars.


We really like associating hotdawgs with good ol' FOOTBAW BOB. In this case, the (shit-eating) snake is PITT.


This week's recipient of the "so close, feisty cupcake!" gif is KENTUCKY! You kept it way closer than you should and LOUISVILLE is gonna regret that when they're undefeated and still relegated to the Orange Bowl.


TEXUS A&M. Fighting all the way up til the last second.


And that's it, because nobody's getting a train gif until somebody actually gets Purdue Harbor'd.

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