The changing media landscape for both college coaches and recruits can be a confusing one. This is especially true when it comes to abbreviations, hashtags, and other so called "internet slang" you might see in the form of a text, tweet, or facebook post. Avoid saying things that make someone "SMDH," and learn up on the latest below!

ABC = Another Bad Creation. Usually followed by a picture of Lane Kiffin's most recent poop.

ACCCG = I Ate The Bones

AFAIK= Am Following Ambulance In Knoxville.

B2K = B2K. Nobody really gets why, but Frank Beamer loves these guys. Especially Omarion.

BBW = don't worry about what it means just know that it's Dana Holgorsen texting you if you don't recognize the number

#BEARDOWN An Arizona company specializing in rent-to-own facial hair and generator sales.

BRB = Burying rogue boosters, literally. Gus Malzahn uses this frequently.

BTHO= Be The Hospitable Opponent. Usually precedes a rival school's name

EMAW= Every Mink Is Rabid (Kansans use weird spelling)

ERROR = Steve Spurrier doesn't have a cell phone and even if he did he wouldn't just leave it on in the middle of a round.

FFS= Freeze Freeze Salvation. Hugh Freeze's unlicensed arcade dance game performed exclusively to DC Talk karaoke tracks

GATA = Golf And Truck Accessories. Popular saying among Georgia fans, and shorthand for the values and traditions of UGA.

GCISIMF = Gene Chizik is stuck in my fence. Means Auburn's former coach is literally stuck headfirst in your fence, and please contact local fire and rescue.

GTFO = Go Trojans, Fight On!

HailState = We're postponing your official visit because it's raining gravystones again.

HORSE = Indicates that the recruit is being contacted on the night of a full moon, when Bob Davie transforms back into his original horse form.

IHSMOFANA = "I have set myself on fire and need assistance." Mark May has found your phone number, and it is just another weeknight in Bristol.

IDGAF = Irradiated Defense Gets All Finishes (The LSU 2013 team creed.)

LMAO: Les Miles Amateur Orthodontist. Common text message for LSU recruits explaining why coach needs you to come to a Baton Rouge storage unit with a lot of Tylenol, some paper towels, and no questions asked.

loI = Letter of Intent, because maybe you should have selected a font with serifs if you didn't want to accidentally commit to Notre Dame.

#PLAY4BREW = [unknown]

PLAYWR4DAJOKR = You should probably take that offer from Purdue.

RTR = Run, Todd Rundgren

SMH= "Strip Mall Hellhole." You are recruiting in Orlando and will get back to the recruit shortly.

TCBY = Troy Calhoun Beee Yotch (DOD has reprogrammed Dave Christensen's phone so this is the only message it sends out.)

TTUL = Tommy Tuberville Usually Leaves

TTMHLPCHO = Tommy Tuberville may have left please check his office.

UMWAD= Uncle Mike Wants a Dog, or no really if you want me to go to your school my Uncle Mike will require one new hunting hound and maybe a carton of Newports. I know, ew, menthol.

Unsubscribe = you need snacks cause really i'll bring 'em.

UTI= Unusually Touchy Individual Code for Nick Saban.

WL Record? = Is Willie Lyles Recording This?

WPS = Wooo, Public recordS. Common refrain among Arkansas fans.

23ijjjll1fjzz = Mark Richt's butt sent this message.

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