Springball Proposal

3 games on campus against teams that are not comprised of players from your own school's scholarship matrix (What a concept). Played on Saturdays only during daylight hours into early evening from roughly tax day to May 1st. No damn byes.

The rules in Bold because this is not a GIF. Sorry.

  • -Teams that have been to a bowl the previous season can only play NON BOWL teams the following spring. Non bowl teams can play each other (I believe it is roughly a 1/3rds vs. 2/3rds breakdown). Yes this means your AD will be on the phone Dec 10th or so but, let's be honest, he is paid enough to do this. Its the free market in action baby! And no you can't play your non bowl conference brethren or vs. versa. Sorry Tennessee Kentucky-no wait that was right as the Vols are much more centraly located(expect for recruits) in the SEC.
  • -At best the games count as 1 point whereas fall games count as 3. Or we can just put the spring record in parentheses for tiebreakers or ignore it like the NFL. Please don't get hung up on this as we already count/don't count FCS games. I can't tell anymore. These games are all FBS so it is a step in the right direction.
  • -5 weeks of spring practice expandable to 7 weeks or 2 weeks of a separate summer minicamp (that new HS Grads recruits can work in and you can locate anywhere if classes are not in session). Just like they do in basketball now so shove it NCAA.
  • -Every team either in the bowl group or the Non bowl (losers) must host 1 game on campus. There are no rules on traveling just the below leverage with the coaches.
  • -If/when you travel to another teams campus you get an extra week of practice that you can convert to a 2 week mini camp in June cutting your spring practice down to 4 weeks. Many will need to settle for this option to make the odd numbers involved in this enterprise work.
  • -If you travel to 2 games then you get another extra week of practice to use for that mini camp and preserve your original 5 weeks. Conversely you can host all three if you wish but you lose the 2 extra weeks of practice with no minicamp period. This leverages traveling vs just hosting all three games.
  • -One trip must be by bus only or extremely short substitute flight and not more then 7 hours travel time by road (stops not included) unless in certain western states where no one can cross more then 1 time zone. I would even allow one state over for Texas and neighboring states and some old fashioned neutral site games that are half way between for some old friends taken asunder by conference realignment (PSU/BC or Mizzu/everybody not in the SEC). This is really to save on disruptive travel in the middle of the 3 weeks. It is the 2nd road trip that you are free to move about the country.
  • -Each Coach handshakes on rules or apply a universal set of safety rules and officiating "experiments" for the spring that are being tested for use in the fall. 2 personal fouls on the same player DQ him for the rest of the game or the next game (Yellow card/Red card). (Coaches rules might also include QBs with red jerseys and no kickoff/punts/FGs.)
  • Redshirts don't count until the fall and guys in the draft who have not drawn a paycheck can play to show they have recovered from an injury (Basically you can play in 5 springs)
  • -TV is welcome to sign deals with individual teams for the games that are hosted on campus or the rights fall to the hosts conference. Whatever gets a good check to the guests to make up for smaller gate receipts. Hawaii will have to be a mess to figure out but we can cross that bridge.....

I look forward to this expeditiously becoming the order of things each spring as I have surely posted this in the most important place on the Internet for College Football matters. ;-) And put way more thought into it then anything you have seen on Bleacher report. Can't wait till they plagiarize this 3 years later.

Thank you

*PS note this minicamp idea is porn to Nick Saban which means he will eat a Little Debbie off the floor contemplate the image quietly but effectively while suntanning with the ducks on the dock. Thus there will only be one game at Bryant Denny. No more A-days either unless for charity on April the 8th or so.

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