Stupid Upset Picks, Week 7

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Week seven of Stupid Upset Picks is upon us, and there were a number of winners last week, the biggest of whom was cfn_ms, who got off the goose-egg with a 15.5 point score thanks to Florida International.

The standings are as follows(remember, if you're not listed, you haven't picked a winner yet - you're not out of the race quite yet, but you should definitely get on that!):

ML Overdrive 37.5
WaltonLoads! 34
ItsComplicated 30
Dawg from Canton 27
Bus Crasher 25.5
orangemocha 24
NorthCoast 20.5
Ancient Chinese Secret 20
Aphilfan 20
Burrito Electrico 20
emc503 20
The Pylon That Relfed 19.5
Hokie Steve 19
CinderHobo 18.5
DolphinNation 18.5
joshvc 18.5
Nick Petrilli 18.5
Punching Wookies 17.5
saxattack29 17
abraves257 15.5
cfn_ms 15.5
BoilerTMill 15
Erik T 15
gamedaytribe 15
gth863x 15
I_Call_The_Big_One_Bitey 15
Jon Berg 15
Specter177 15
alexanderkotov 13
GatorEnginerd 13
Tremendous 13
wahoocrew 13
8gooner8 12
Illusions, Michael 12
jwolf0 12
Leavitt Town 12
Some Guy Named Gabbo 12
purwho 11.5
JPN 11
Attie Hat 10.5
bamadan72 9.5
snacktastic 9
Big Grizz 8
mnHorn 8
PUlibero12 8
SC_Ute 7
softbatch 7 7
MightyMightyMitzu 6.5
watchthefake 6.5
Stubob72556 6
MikeLew 5
ZZR81024 5
HorsePig55 4.5
Mayclore 4.5
Jonadan 3.5
TheBigCat2192 3.5
CyHawk 3
Narrow Right 3

This week's games are below:

Favorite Spread Underdog
Thurs., Oct. 10th
San Diego St. 4 AIR FORCE
LOUISVILLE 18.5 Rutgers
Fri., Oct. 11th
Sat., Oct. 12th
S. Carolina 6 ARKANSAS
CLEMSON 24.5 Boston College
MISSISSIPPI ST 10.5 Bowling Green
OHIO 17 C. Michigan
UCLA 25 California
ARIZONA ST 25 Colorado
ARMY 7.5 E. Michigan
Marshall 13 FLA ATLANTIC
LSU 7 Florida
Troy 17.5 GEORGIA ST
BYU 7 Georgia Tech
UNLV 10 Hawaii
ARKANSAS ST 24.5 Idaho
MICHIGAN ST 10 Indiana
TEXAS TECH 14 Iowa St.
TCU 25 Kansas
Baylor 17 KANSAS ST
BALL ST 14 Kent St.
Alabama 27.5 KENTUCKY
TEXAS ST 7 La-Monroe
HOUSTON 10 Memphis
UMASS 3.5 Miami(OH)
N TEXAS 7 Mid. Tenn. St.
GEORGIA 8 Missouri
DUKE 3 Navy
WYOMING 15.5 New Mexico
WISCONSIN 10.5 Northwestern
Michigan 3 PENN ST
VIRGINIA TECH 9 Pittsburgh
Nebraska 14 PURDUE
UTSA 2.5 Rice
UCONN 4.5 S. Florida
COLORADO ST 4 San Jose St.
NC STATE 7 Syracuse
Oklahoma 14 Texas
E. Carolina 10 TULANE
Stanford 9 UTAH
Boise St. 7 UTAH ST
Tulsa 10 UTEP
MARYLAND 7 Virginia
Buffalo 12 W MICHIGAN
Oregon 13.5 WASHINGTON

I'm taking Mississippi to beat the Fighting Manziels this week.

Good luck, and happy picking!

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