The United States of EDSBS

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State by state:

  • Alabama: Updyke, houndstooth, and Mobile Bay teabagging the Gulf
  • Alaska: Claimed by Alabama. Second Alabama has the trophy at Wal-Mart.
  • Arizona: Ron Jeremy, the top from "Inception"
  • Arkansas: "Doesn't matter, had sex"
  • California: Vacancy sign (h/t: Socrates Johnson), Lane Kiffin rock, "Football monopoly is over," poster for Gene Kelly's "The Bandwagon," Veruca Salt, and the tiny strip where Northern California is (Andrew Luck and the tree)
  • Colorado: h/t Thujone
  • Connecticut: Charlie Weis, for both losing to Connecticut, and because he's Husky.
  • Delaware: "Go Big Blue" banner
  • Florida: 1940's anti-STD posters, jorts, a jetski (the Keys) running into a yacht.
  • Georgia: Mugshot, "Pet Sematary" sign, "He Man Woman Haters Club" sign, Auburn.
  • Hawaii: Not pictured since June Jones left.
  • Idaho: Bridesmaids
  • Illinois: ZOOK! Also Nebraska in Chicago.
  • Indiana: Multi-tiered cake, (each tier featuring Brian Kelly RAEGFACE(TM)), an official calling offsides, ranch, the Springfield Mystery Spot
  • Iowa: Cy-Hawk Trophy (h/t: Gaknar, assist from Narrow Right)
  • Kansas: Magical Bill Snyder, flames (h/t: Gaknar)
  • Kentucky: Basketball, the WKU monster, and Skyline Chili in Cincinnati
  • Louisiana: Les Miles, "Tide rolled" billboard
  • Maine: Ole Miss Rebel
  • Maryland: Maryland flag
  • Massachusetts: hand of solitaire
  • Michigan: A hand (no rings), punter derp face, and the Appalachian mountains
  • Minnesota: SNUD, Jerry Kill
  • Mississippi: Cowbell, Red Solo Cup, Iowa
  • Missouri: Meth lab
  • Montana: (LtoR) Ryan Leaf, the Hunt for Red October guy, Joe Montana (h/t: saxattack)
  • Nebraska: Lil Red, 00:01, "soon"
  • Nevada: A pistol (this is literally all I know about Nevada football, other that I wish the pistol were pointed the other way at Idaho)
  • New Hampshire: Keggy
  • New Jersey: "The Creation" from the Sistine Chapel
  • New Mexico: FOOBAW BOB
  • New York: Rutgers, the Stonecutters
  • North Carolina: Gray. Just plain gray. Just plain, ordinary, lovely gray.
  • North Dakota: Sue Sylvester fighting, SNUD
  • Ohio: "Jim" tattoo
  • Oklahoma: T. Boone, a wind farm, a 40th birthday card, the Statue of Liberty, Florida, WVU, [vacated], and LSU logos.
  • Oregon: Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
  • Pennsylvania: Texas Tech, an elephant in a room, a diver
  • Rhode Island: Paul Rhoads (fuck you, I like Paul Rhoads)
  • South Carolina: 8Ball, WVU logo, middle finger, ANDIAMBRO, shirtless Spurrier
  • South Dakota: Bammer Mount Rushmore
  • Tennessee: "NERDS!," a shower, Lulu and Junior, a scene from "Thirteen"
  • Texas: (L to R): Mike Price, Adam James in a shed, injured Colt McCoy, Skankfight, weed farm, bloody knife, half the A&M logo.
  • Utah: caffeine-free Coke, Joe Pesci in "My Cousin Vinny"
  • Vermont: "Weis Pudding" Ben and Jerry's. Charlie Weis is fat and likes ice cream. Vermont has no FBS or FCS football.
  • Virginia: Keys, empty trophy case, lax bro
  • Washington: pirate ship
  • West Virginia: couch on fire with Holgorsen laughing in the flames
  • Wisconsin: House of Pain, Tony the Tiger, pogo stick, beer
  • Wyoming: Magnolia bakery

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