BCS 2: Judgement Day


        Downtown L.A.  Noon on a cool winter day.  On an EXTREME LONG LENS the
        stadium crowd stacks up into a wall of humanity.  In SLOW MOTION
        they move in herds among the glittering rows of cars jammed bumper to
        bumper.  The image is surreal, dreamy... and like a dream it begins very slowly to

                                                DISSOLVE TO:


        Same spot as the last shot, but now it is a landscape in Hell.  The
        cars are stopped in rusted rows, still bumper to bumper.  The
        skyline of buildings beyond has been shattered by some
        unimaginable force like a row of kicked-down sandcastles.
        Wind blows through the desolation, keening with the sound of ten
        million dead souls.  It scurries the ashes into drifts, stark
        white in the moonlight against the charred rubble.

                        LOS ANGELES, January 2nd, 2026

3       ANGLE ON a heap of fire-blackened human bones.  Beyond the mound is a
        vast tundra of skulls and shattered concrete.  The rush hour crowd
        burned down in their tracks.

4       WE DISSOLVE TO a football field... where intense heat has half-melted the
        goalposts, the blast has warped the benches, the trees
        have sagged in the firestorm.  Small skulls look accusingly from the
        ash-drifts.  WE HEAR the distant echo of player's voices... calling cadence
        and taunting in the sun.  A silly USC fight song as WE TRACK
        SLOWLY over seared turf where the faint chalk of field
        lines are still visible.

        CAMERA comes to rest on a burnt and rusted pair of cleats... next to the
        skull of its owner.  HOLD ON THIS IMAGE as a male VOICE speaks:

                3 billion human lives ended on January 12th, 2017.
                The survivors of the nuclear fire called the war
                Judgment Day.  They lived only to face a new
                nightmare, the war against the Machines...

        A metal foot crushes the skull like china.

        TILT UP, revealing a humanoid machine holding a massive calculator.
        It looks like a CHROME SKELETON... a high-tech Death figure.  It is
        the endoskeleton of a Series 800 BCS Computer.  Its glowing red eyes
        compassionlessly sweep the dead terrain, hunting.

        The SOUNDS of ROARING TURBINES.  Searchlights blaze down as a
        formation of flying HK (Hunter-Killer) patrol machines passes
        overhead.  PAN WITH THEM toward the jagged horizon, beyond which we
        see flashes, and hear the distant thunder of a pitched game in


        THE GAME.  Human players are in desperate battle against each
        other in a game of college football.  The humans are a ragtag guerrilla
        team.  Bill Hancock's weapons consist of Ground HKs (tank-like robot
        elimination platforms), flying Aerial HKs, four-legged gun-pods called
        Centurions, and the humanoid BCS computers in various forms.

5A      Touchdowns!  Quarterback bombs arcing through the twilight.
5B      A gunner at cornerback picks off a team in USC uniforms before
        scoring a touchdown, winning the game and eliminating the faux USC.
5C      The entire USC team is crushed under the treads of the Ground HK.

5D      A TEAM OF DUCKS in an intense game with Beaver
5E      guerrillas in the ruins of a stadium.  Three terminator
5F      endoskeletons advance, firing rapidly at the losing Beavers. 
        The Beavers all fall to the ground as they are eliminated in the massive
        worldwide BCS regular season.

5G      A Centurion overruns a Vanderbilt security bunker.  Commodores
        cut down as they avoid playing.  Fiery explosions light the ranks of advancing

6       IN A BLASTED PRESS BOX at the edge of battle, a man watches
        the combat with night-vision binoculars.  He wears the uniform of a
        BCS general, and a black beret.  He is still amid running,
        shouting players and coaches.

        He is seventy-five years old.  Features severe.  The left
        side of his face is heavily scarred.  A patch covers that eye.  An
        impressive man, forged in the furnace of a lifetime of war.  The name
        stitched on the band of his beret is HANCOCK.  We push in until his
        eyes fill frame, then...

                                                DISSOLVE TO:


                                VOICE (Orrin Hatch)
                BCS, the computer which controlled the machines,
                sent two terminators back through time.  Their
                mission: to destroy the leader of the Playoff
                Resistance... Kyle Whittingham. 
                The first terminator was programmed to strike at
                me, in the year 2004... before Kyle was hired.
                It failed.

                The second was set to strike at Kyle himself,
                when he was still struggling in the Pac 12. As before,
                Resistance was able to send a lone warrior.  A
                protector for John.  It was just a question of
                which one of them would reach him first...

                                                DISSOLVE TO:


        Wild fingers of BLUE-WHITE ELECTRIC ARCS dance in a steel canyon
        formed by two TRACTOR TRAILERS, parked side by side in the back lot
        of an all-night truck stop.  Then...

        The strange lightning forms a circular opening in mid-air, and in
        the sudden flare of light we see a FIGURE in a SPHERE OF ENERGY.
        Then the FRAME WHITES OUT with an explosive THUNDERCLAP!

        Through the clearing vapor we see the figure clearly... a naked man.
        AL GOLDEN has come through.  Physique: massive, perfect.  Face:
        filled with emotion.  Terminator stands and surveys its surroundings.


        On a back route to north L.A.  A handful of local TRUCKERS hunch over
        chili-sizes, CAT hats pushed back on their heads.  Three BIKERS are
        playing a game of pool in the back, their Miller empties lining the
        table's rail.  The dive's owner, MANGINO, a fat, aging biker-type in a
        soiled apron, stands behind the bar.  Nothing much going on...

        Then the front door opens and a big naked guy strolls in -- that
        doesn't happen every night.  All eyes simultaneously swivel toward
        Terminator.  Its gleeful gaze passes over the customers as it
        walks calmly through the room.  Everyone frozen, not sure how to

8A      TERMINATOR POV.  A digitized electronic scan of the room, overlaid
        with alphanumeric readouts which change faster than the human eye
        can follow.  In POV we move past the staring truckers, past the
        owner and the awestruck WAITRESS, and approach a large nasty-looking
        biker puffing on a cigar.  His body is outlined, or "selected", and
        thousands of estimated measurements appear.  His clothing has been
        analyzed and deemed suitable...

8B                              TERMINATOR
                I need your clothes, your boots, and your

To be continued...

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